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        Wolverine – the Winner

        You get the chance to fight in this flash game as a super hero Wolverine. In this game the hero should oppose the enemies using the combinations and special tricks!


        Wolverine battle on the factory

        Wolverine invites you to the new adventurous journey! You should create your own areas and obstacles for X-Men, enemies and villains!


        Wolverine and X-Men – the wall training

        X-men are back again on this flash game portal with the new game which accumulated all the famous superheroes! This is the grand fighting mastery in which you should always keep in mind all the buttons combinations and click them right each time when requested!


        Wolverine and X-Men – The Great Battle

        Wolverine is now mastering the fighting skills and you need to help him to do this best in this flash game! Click and cut with the mouse the falling images of villains and enemies, nut be careful in order not to attack the X-friends!


        Batman Vs Superman – Basketball

        Choose between two powerful superheroes if the flash games you will play for. These are the night hawk Batman or the star Superman! In this basketball tournament flash game you will play also against other famous cartoon heroes!


        Tarzan Jump

        Tarzan is in the wild jungles! You play as a famous Disney hero named Tarzan! Help him crawl through the jungles collecting the gems!


        Tarzan - Sort My tiles

        Sorting tiles is always funny and engaging! However if this is a Disney hero puzzle then the interest gets increased at maximum! Sort the tiles with Tarzan image!


        Tarzan - Collection

        Today you will search and collect for the objects together with the film and cartoon hero Tarzan, a man who lives in jungles. Your main objective in the game is to search and collect all the objects displayed in the lower part of the display! Be quick! The levels are limited in time!


        Flintstone – the Bowling

        Play the flash game together with Flintstones and enjoy all day long a marvelous bowling play in Ancient city!


        Ben 10 – Pinball

        This is a simple pinball the game is based on! You need just to direct the ball with the help of flippers and get the maximum points. The game is designed in traditional Ben 10 style. The ball is presented with a cannon shot and on the levels of the game Ben will have to defeat his enemies too!


        Ben 10 – basketball

        This is a sport game with your favorite hero with strange powers Ben 10. Help Ben 10 to hit as much balls as possible in the moving basket of the game!


        Bugs Bunny – Home Run Derby

        Play the new baseball game with cartoon hero Bugs Bunny using your skills!


        The Fairly Odd Parents – Cleft the boy chin wonder Vs things magics

        Play as Timmy the Dreamer and pass all the areas till the final stage and make your own way through the colorful levels of this perfect game!


        The Fairly Odd Parents – Guts and Glory

        These guys of The Fairly Odd Parents cartoon mixed everything again when were playing hide and seek in the street! Wanda was kidnapped by Puppy and now she is trapped in his belly! You should help Timmy to rescue his friends!


        The Fairly Odd Parents – The Rhythm of Revolution

        This event happened deep in the night of the last school day. The kids will come back from school as the summer holidays start. Help Timmy, Cosmo and Wanda meet these vacations with rhythm and jolly magic!

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